This is a life long ambition, having spent 30+ years producing models commercially it’s now time to do range of models of my choice. Initially the scale was to be 1/350th but it was decided that 1/200th scale is more suited for the degree of detail and accuracy we are aiming to achieve. Each kit will be made up of plastic, resin, metal and 3D printed components complete with comprehensive instructions. All kits will be available as waterline models. This will ensure the cost of the kit is kept as low as possible. Additional components will be available and in some instances included in the kits to allow for in service modifications. Each kit will have a Limited Edition production run with a number of kits available for review and critique.  The choice of ship has been very difficult, there is a vast selection to choose from. Our initial thought was for a number of capital ships from a selection of countries but this would take too long to research. We decided to be a bit more clinical with the selection and decided to produce all the ships from the same country. The logical choice for the first batch of models had to be Great Britain. Next we picked ships that served during the second world war (with one exception) this gave us lots of scope. Our research completed we decided on the following models: Battleships HMS Barham - Queen Elizabeth class HMS KGV - King George V class HMS Lion - Lion class Laid down but never completed - This will be a model for those who want something different with a choice of 6 kits. 1. Preliminary Design 16E-38 2. Design 16F-38(Modified) as ordered. 3. Modified Design 1942 4. Design B3 1945 5. Design B4 1945 6. Design X3 1945 Cruisers HMS Kent - County class HMS Sheffield - Southampton class HMS Argonaught - Dido class HMS Neptune - Leander class HMS Bermuda - Fiji class Minelayer HMS Abdiel or HMS Manxman - Abdiel class Destroyers HMS Oribi and HMS Obedient - O class Monitor HMS Abercrombie We would like to thank Tolzi from deviantart for giving us permission to use the line drawings for HMS Lion. Having seen much of the documentation used to create these versions we believe them to be a good representation of the designs considered by the Admiralty up until the final cancellation of a 16" battleship. The line art drawings are for illustration purposes only